Heroes Of Kyron

Trouble in thunderblood

we catch our heroes after a visit to a magic shop when Malefor notices two arcadians walking through the busy streets scanning minds. we find out that they are his allies that he escaped arcadia with. so they go to the hairy goblin’s tap house to talk in private, when spaz bolted to the window. Rimidol noticed a mechanical bird pecking a the wind almost talking to spaz. it said “Artificer in trouble!” so the brave heroes followed it to the port to find Randis duthane being beat up by two thugs, the party scared them away and randis was very thankful for their deed. He invited the brave heroes on board his ship to thunderblood, the adventurers explored the ship until they tired. In the morn they awok to pirates invading the ship and them getting knocked out. they then awoke tied up in the brig on a different ship, they broke broke free and fought the arkatash pirates. It was a hard fight but the heroes defeated the pirates just as the ship is sinking. but to save the day randis came back on his flying ship to fly the party to thunder blood.



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